Senior Project

Senior Project

Senior Project Overview

Senior Project Example One of the expectations we at Fairfield Christian Academy have of our seniors is that each student completes the Senior Project Initiative. Its purpose is to not only challenge all students and raise expectations to improve achievement, but also to provide a culminating activity for seniors to demonstrate the essential skills they all should have before leaving high school.

Senior Project consists of three components completed throughout the year. The first component of the Senior Project is the actual physical project that relates to a research paper topic. Each student is required to work with a mentor who can provide expertise and guide, facilitate, and document the student's progress on the project. This project is to be done outside of class time requiring a minimum of 15 documented hours usually between August and January. Students are also required to maintain a portfolio and log to record their time, efforts and thoughts. while completing the process. Most students find this part of the project the most enjoyable, and it also is invaluable in developing and sharpening problem solving, communication, time management, and “hands-on” real-life skills.
Example of Senior Project 2017 The second component of the Senior Project is a research paper. It will require the students to use specific skills – research, organization, written expression, and critical thinking. This paper will be completed in their Senior English class and will be a grade for both courses.  

The last part to the Senior Project is an oral presentation of the paper and project that each student will make to a board of community members and teachers in May. This is when the students get to brag and show their pride in what they have accomplished and learned. Presenting publicly can be stressful, but oral communication skills are essential for any person to have no matter what career path is chosen.

The Senior Project develops and hones many important academic skills as well as many non-academic qualities. Students will be expected to meet deadlines, so they will have to learn to plan and budget time. They will often be required to overcome obstacles, move from their “comfort zones,” and learn to cope with the healthy stresses that sometimes occur. The students will have to learn to make contacts with other people and find information in places not traditionally applied in school. Everything learned from completing the Senior Project process will help a student become a more independent thinker, learner, and problem solver. In turn, it is our hope that he will then become an informed, responsible, passionate ambassador for Christ.

Senior Project Handbook

Adapted from Ohio Department of Education English Language Arts Curriculum Model: Grades 11-12
Senior Project credit – Students successfully completing the minimum hours and parts of Senior Project will receive .50 credit. Students with documented (Mentor Verification) and logged project hours of 30-74 hours will receive .75 credit, and students with 75 or more documented (Mentor Verification) and logged hours will be awarded 1.00 credit.

Minimum amount of time required: A minimum of 8 hours with the mentor(s) and 7 hours without the mentor is required - most students complete more than the 15 minumum hours for the senior project.

Senior Project turn in forms - please download and use the forms at the right as a template. These can be printed and turned in or e-mailed to your Senior Project advisor. Please be sure to check the Project Handbook for the turn in dates and always keep a back up copy of your forms.

Project Resources

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