Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Graduation from Fairfield Christian Academy Requires a minimum of twenty-four (24) academic credits. Four (4) Bible credits are required with an additional twenty (20) credits which must include the following:
  • Bible - 4.00 (One credit is required for each year in attendance at FCA)
  • English - 4.00 
  • Mathematics - 4.00 (College preparatory minimum: Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry. Mathematics units must include one unit of Algebra II or the equivalent of Algebra II)
  • Science - 3.00 (College preparatory minimum: Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry)
  • Social Studies - 3.00 (Must include .50 American History and .50 Government.  Class of 2021 and beyond must also have .50 credit of World History/Civilizations.  All students must receive instruction in economics and financial literacy during grades 9-12 - FCA's Economics/Financial Literacy .50 course meets this requirement as well as a social studies credit.)
  • Health - 0.50
  • Physical Education - 0.50  - May include Phys Ed from 7th and 8th grade or students may elect to take the Physical Education Waiver.
  • Computer - 1.00
  • Fine Arts - 1.00  - May include fine arts from 7th and 8th grade.
  • Senior Project - 0.50
  • Electives - 2.50 (College preparatory minimum: 2 or more years of Foreign Language)
           Total Credits: 24.00 
*Students who transfer in after the freshman year will need a minimum of 20 credits plus one year of Bible per year of attendance at FCA to graduate* 
Additional Graduation Requirements based on graduating class:
Class of 2020-2023 - Three Pathways 
1. Meet graduation course requirements - 20 state minimum and Bible each year in attendance at FCA.
2. Meet at least one of the following three diploma options: 
Graduation Points – Earn a minimum of 18 points in 7 courses (Algebra I, Geometry, (or Int. Math I, Int. Math II), English I, English II, Biology, American History, American Government) – by taking the State of Ohio End of Course Exams and for Non-publics can include the final course grade (2014-2015 school year) and/or TerraNova 3 testing
College readiness score on national test: ACT – English – 18 or higher; Reading – 22 or higher; Mathematics – 22 or higher or  SAT – Writing – 430 or higher; Reading – 450 or higher; Mathematics – 520 or higher.
Industry certification and a work-readiness score on WorkKeys – Career programs. Ohio Department of Education:
Class of 2023 and Beyond - Permanent Graduation Requirements
1. Meet graduation course requirements - 20 state minimum and Bible each year in attendance at FCA.  
2. Demonstrate Competency - Students must demonstrate competency in math and English by passing the state's Algebra I  and English II Tests with a minimum score of 684.  Students who have taken required tests more than once without passing and have received remedial supports are able to show competency through one of the options below:
  • Earn credit for one math and/or one English course through College Credit Plus;
  • Demonstrate career readiness and technical skill through foundational and supporting options;
  • Enter into a contract to enlist in the military upon graduation.

3.  Preparation for College or Careers: Students must earn two diploma seals, one of which must be state defined, to demonstrate academic, technical and professional readiness for careers, college, the military or self-sustaining professions. 

State System of Diploma Seals 

*Earn a score that is at least equivalent to proficient on AP or IB exams; or Earn a final course grade that is equivalent to a "B" or higher in appropriate classes taken through the College Credit Plus program.

 **For a printed overview of Fairfield Christian Academy's Graduation Requirements, please download the document below**

Diploma with Honors

Outstanding students may receive special recognition from the State Board of Education for their achievements through the State Board of Education's Diploma with Honors program. The Diploma with Honors award is available for students who meet the specified performance criteria and either the College Preparatory or the Career-Technical Curriculum Requirements.

The Diploma with Honors provide students with an excellent opportunity to receive extra recognition for their total educational achievements. The guidance office is responsible for identifying students who are eligible to receive the Diploma with Honors award.

For more information concerning the Diploma with Honors please download the document below:

Graduation Honors

Students who have earned a minimum of 50% of their credits from FCA and are enrolled for 5 credits with FCA (on campus or in an administratively approved equivalent) during the senior year and meet the following cumulative GPA requirements will be recognized at graduation in the following manner:
  • Summa Cum-Laude – 4.00 cumulative GPA
  • Magna Cum-Laude – 3.90-3.99 cumulative GPA
  • Cum-Laude – 3.70-3.89
Class speakers for graduation will be determined in the following manner:

Welcome - Senior Class President in good standing.

Class Verse - Senior Class Chaplain in good standing.

The Graduation Address and Passing Words of Wisdom will be decided by the FCA Administration.  Candidates for these speaking parts must be students in good standing with preference given to Summa Cum Laude students.  The decision will be made after the 7th semester posting of the senior transcripts.

All graduates will be recognized with honor cords for Principal’s Honor Roll, High Honor Roll, and Honor Roll based on their final cumulative GPA (all 4 years of high school) and honor cords for seniors in good standing in the National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society, National Art Honor Society and the Tri-M Honor Society.

Junior Marshals will be decided by the FCA Administration.  Candidates for junior marshals must be students in the junior class who are students of good standing with preference given to the top four students in the junior class who have a minimum of 50% of the credits to date from FCA and are enrolled in 5 credits with FCA (on campus or in an administratively approved equivalent).

Testing Requirements

Ohio continues to work on graduation requirements to ensure that all students are ready for success in college and career.   Additionally, every student will have the opportunity to take a nationally recognized college admission exam free of charge in the 11th grade. Click on the link below for more details concerning requirements based on graduation class:
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