FCA High School Profile

FCA High School Profile

Fairfield Christian Academy
High School Profile

Chemistry/Physics Teacher - Chris Hawks
Fairfield Christian Academy is a four-year private high school with grades 9-12. The high school enrollment is approximately 160 students. FCA opened in the fall of 1998 and graduated the first senior class in the spring of 2003. The school is accredited by the Department of Education, the State of Ohio and is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International.
2018 Graduates - Vanessa Rose & Alex Van Meter
DIPLOMA REQUIREMENTS - Students graduating from Fairfield Christian Academy are required to complete a strong college preparatory curriculum which requires a minimum of 4 units of English, 4 units of mathematics, 3 units of social studies, 3 units of science, 1 unit health/physical education, 1 unit of computer, 1 unit of fine arts and 3 additional units of electives.

One unit of Bible is also required for each year in attendance at Fairfield Christian Academy.

FCA Class of 2020 averaged 31.34 credits of college preparatory studies.  48% of all FCA graduating students earned an Ohio Honors Diploma from the State of Ohio.  52% of the 2020 class earned an Honors Diploma from the State of Ohio.
ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AND COLLEGE ENTRANCE SCORES - Students attending FCA receive a rigorous academic program which prepares them well for entering their adult role in society. For a snapshot of how our students perform, click the FCA School Profile.

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