Vocal Music

Vocal Music

Vocal Music

FCA High School Choir
Choir provides opportunities for students to learn about and perform advanced music in various voicings and styles. Students will perform a broad range of choral literature and learn fundamentals of proper vocal production, musical expression, and sight-reading. Students in choir minister to themselves and others in song, action, and attitude. The choir requires some time outside of class for certain projects, depending on the year. Students do not need to audition or sing solos to be in choir. Attendance is expected at all performances.

Choir Performances for 2023-2024

December 7th, 2023: 7:00 pm     Christmas Concert -all 5-12 choir and band members

April 23rd, 2024: 7:00 pm          Spring Concert - all 5-12 choir and band members

May 18th, 2024: All day         Kings Island (pending, Symphonic Choir only)

FCA 6th Grade Choir
  Fairfield Christian Academy Choirs
  • 5th grade- unison/ 2 part- 3 days a week
  • 6th grade- 2 part or 3 part mixed- meets daily
  • 7th/8th grade- 3 part mixed or SAB- meets daily
  • High School- SAB or SATB- meets daily

Emma Reese - Knight Singers
KnightSingers- is a select, auditioned group of committed students interested in performing more advanced literature. Students will represent Fairfield Christian Academy in addition to the choir and the group does require some time outside of class.
Students will be selected on the basis of ability, including intonation, vocal quality, expression, projection, part independence, blend, and reliability. This is an education option of God- given talent and ability, honor, service, and responsibility. Students earn an extra half credit for the class, and meet 2 days per week during the lunch period.
K-4 Vocal Music on Stage
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