Parent Referral Program

Parent Referral Program

The Parent Referral Program

What is the Parent Referral Program?
  • Parents (and students) who are so excited about the incredible happenings at FCA that they invite their friends, family and neighbors to be a part of FCA

Why refer FCA?
  • You will receive a $200 tuition credit for each new student you help us enroll!
  • You can make a difference in the lives of young people! They will be influenced by God’s word at least 35 hours a week at FCA!
  • The more students we enroll, the less dependent we are on fundraising

What do I say to a family I think might be interested in FCA?
FCA is a school….
  • You can trust to keep your children safe
  • Where teachers love, care and pray for students every day
  • Which offers individualized instruction for students in every classroom
  • That has a terrific teacher-student ratio, with strong post-academic preparation
  • With successful athletic programs and an abundance of extra-curricular activities
  • That offers a faith-based education and curriculum with a Christian Worldview

Where do I send them for more information?
  • Schedule a tour by calling the Admissions Office at 740-654-2889 X312

Make a Referral!

Receive a tuition credit for each new full time student you help us enroll at FCA.
In order to qualify:
  1. You must ask each new family to fill in your name on the "how did you hear about us" section of the application.
  2. The Admissions Office will take note of this and alert the Finance Office. Your name will be placed on the Parent Referral List to receive the $200 Tuition Credit for each new full time student you referred to FCA. 
Your tuition credit will be awarded to you by the second semester of the current school year. Thanks for helping us promote FCA!
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