FCA Preschool and Childcare


 What are our families saying about
Childcare & Preschool at FCA?
"Each morning we are greeted with a smile. Without hesitation my son goes from my arms to our extended family. That is what FCA is to us, an extended family. In this day and age, when both Mom and Dad must work, it is such a blessing to have a warm and loving environment to leave your child in. We are so thankful to FCA and the love they have for our son. It makes being a working mom a little easier knowing my child is safe and happy."

"FCA has become part of our family. I thank God for putting FCA in our lives. We are very blessed."

"One of my favorite things about my children attending FCA is the genuine love that they receive from the amazing staff. There have been several occasions when I have come to pick my oldest child up and have seen her holding hands with a teacher or singing and dancing with her teacher and classmates. It has been a rare occasion that I have come to pick up my 4 month old and she hasn’t been in the arms of one of her teachers. I feel completely at ease with my girls being at FCA while I’m at work. I know that they are only a phone call away and that the wonderful staff never hesitates to communicate with me."

"The director and caregivers made us feel so at ease, that both my husband and I felt a level of instant trust. "

"FCA was completely understanding with my need to introduce child care into our lives slowly. They allowed me to leave my daughter in their care for an hour the first day, then a few hours at a time when I was ready, and eventually a full day. They were patient when I couldn’t hand her over immediately, and treated me with respect and tenderness when I shed tears. They welcomed me with open arms during my lunch-hour visits. My phone calls were always received with happy tones and encouraging details that allowed me to get through my days of work."

"As a working mom, I understand the stress associated with choosing a Child Care provider for your little ones.... FCA is a true blessing in our lives. I highly encourage anyone looking for a loving educational childcare environment to check into Fairfield Christian Academy."

"I just wanted to tell you that everyone in FCA Child Care is awesome!!  I could not ask for a better child care. I cannot talk FCA childcare up enough to family and friends.  The teachers are all wonderful and my son absolutely LOVES coming everyday.  Two and half years later, he calls child care "home". I know that I do not have to worry about him when I leave, and that he is great hands."

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