Alert Notification System

Alert Notification System

FCA Instant Alerts - Instant Connect

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Instant Connect is used by Fairfield Christian Academy to issue weather related announcements and emergency notifications by phone to its families. 
Instructions below explain options for  updating your contact information in this system:
Parents of Early Education Children:
Parents of children in preschool or younger will need to contact Danell Coleman in the Early Education Office to make changes to their contact information.
Phone:  740-652-9023     E-mail:
Parents of K-12 Students:
Instant Connect imports parent contact information from our Student Information System for each student in grades K-12.  This nightly synchronization requires that school personnel change the telephone numbers being called; however, a "Parent Portal" is available that allows a parent to:

• View their contact information the school is using for Instant Connect
• Select the types of notification for each of your phone numbers
• Add additional contact information of other caretakers, such as a grandparent or neighbor

You can access the portal by registering at the link below.

Click on the "Register New User" the first time you enter the site and setup your profile using your telephone number.
  • Note - Please ignore the "blank" fields and duplicate telephone numbers.
    Messages will only be delivered to a single phone number one time per event
    even if they appear more than once in your profile.
If you need assistance with registering in the portal, need to make changes to your contact information in the blue section or have any questions, please email our Director of Technology, David Dewese at
We encourage parents/guardians to take advantage of this portal, as we will be utilizing this system for school closings, delays, early dismissals and emergencies.

The Status of School Closings will always be posted to the FCA Website on the main page. 
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