College Credit Plus (CCP)

College Credit Plus (CCP)

College Credit Plus
Ohio’s College Credit Plus program gives college-ready students in grades 7-12 the chance to earn high school and college credit simultaneously by taking courses at a participating Ohio college or university. Ohio has set aside a specific amount to fund College Credit Plus participation for non-public students. This funding can be used to pay the tuition for those classes. You will be responsible for the cost of textbooks if courses are taken at the Ohio college or university campus or online. All public colleges and certain private colleges in Ohio are participating.
College Credit Plus is an opportunity for college-ready and interested students to pursue more challenging classes and explore college interests sooner. Your child can earn anywhere from a few college credits to more than a year’s worth while still in high school. College Credit Plus can reduce your child’s time in college and greatly reduce your family’s higher education costs.
Note - Students must declare their intent to participate AND apply for funding, even if they participated last year
Before March 31: Complete School Counseling Requirement
Feb. 3 - April 1: Electronically declare intent to participate (through the funding application)
Feb. 3 - April 1 at 5:00 pm: Sign-up for a OH|ID Account
Feb. 3 - April 1 at 5:00 pm: Apply for funding
Before May 6: Funding award notifications sent
Fairfield Christian Academy partners with Ohio Christian University and offers college courses at FCA. The deadline to apply to OCU is March 18th. 
CCP Courses through Ohio Christian University taught at FCA:
  • Intro to Sociology (Social Science – 3 semester hours)
  • General Psychology (Social Science – 3 semester hours)
  • Western Civilization I (Social Studies - 3 semester hours)
  • Western Civilization II (Social Studies – 3 semester hours)
  •  US History 1877 - Present (Social Studies - 3 semester hours)
  • English Composition I (English – 3  semester hours)
  • English Composition II (English - 3 semester hours)
  • Basics of Oral Communication (English - 3 semester hours)

Potential Courses for the 2020-2021 School Year Based on Interest: 

  • The Holocaust (Social Studies - 3 semester hours)
  • Calculus I (Math - 4 semester hours)
  • Statistics & Analysis (Math - 3 semester hours)

College Credit Plus Information and Paperwork

2020-2021 Counseling Requirement Please review if you were not able to make it to the Informational Meeting on February 11, 2020.
Students who do not have college testing, or do not meet the requirements on the ACT/SAT test, will need to take the Accuplacer test.
Instructions on setting up OH ID account and applying for funding
Course Descriptions and information for Ohio Christian courses taught at Fairfield Christian Academy
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